RFD 900 X RSSI drop to 0

Greetings All…this is the first I have experience this…when we were out testing the other day, during the end of the testing (4th mission with this airframe), I randomly experience RSSI dropping from its normal value around 200, to almost 0. This would put our craft into a failsafe, then RSSI would increase and go back to the normal operational level. This happened a dozen or so times, as I was bringing the craft home. Could heat cause this? We did have the ground RFD unit in a makeshift black pelican case, without the best cooling, and it was sunny and ~90 F. Any other ides? I have posted a graph of the RSSI and remRSSI…this is the first time this happened and was the last mission of the day.

Hello. @FIT-RS.
Any solution about problem. I see same result. Can not arrive 3 km range.
Model : RFD900X

Your noise floor appears to be quite high on the remote side.

hello. yes, I’m looking for the reason and couldn’t figure it out

Try powering the rfd900x air unit with a separate bec. If that doesnt work, try a ferrite ring with the rfd wires wrapped through it.

I am already powering air and ground unit with separate 5 volt supply. so not with PC USB and pixhawk.
But will try ferrite ring.

something is interfering with the radio you have connected to the flight controller. Try increasing the distance of radio from other electronics as well.