RFD 900 - Taranis binding issue


I’m currently in the field with two identical fixed wing UAS: aeromapper Talon amphibious.
The primary aircrafts radio has had issues which we’ve had trouble fixing and are now considering binding the backup aircrafts Taranis radio to our primary aircraft’s receiver (rfd900), which is in a telemetry box which hooks up to the ground control (the backup aircraft is grounded due to unrelated issues). The manufacture recommends that we tinker minimally with the pixhawk or radios settings. Would there be an issue binding the backups radio to our primary aircraft and would we have to do a lot of setup afterwards? The radios are identical so we were hoping the transition would be seamless…

Any insight is appreciated

Simplest way would be to purchase a TXMod. Put that in your Taranis. Bind the radios and use UDP to link to the ground station. No wires etc needed to connect to ground station. Only drawback with this system is the power drain on the Taranis battery. The bonus is Yaapu on Taranis and 16 channel Sbus control with long distance.