RFD 900+ parameter update problem ChibiOS arduplane

I have found several old posts from 2017 or early 2018 that had a similar problem. The RFD 900 gives me telemetry data fine but it hangs at getting the parameters or sometimes downloads them very very slowly, as in one param per second.

I have messed with everything I can think of, from changing the antennas around to messing with radio settings. Running pixhawk 2.1 on arduplane 3.9.x

And ideas or steps to troubleshoot this would be great.


I can get a full rate parameters download working but only rarely. Its seems that once the radio is in a good state the parameter download will go fast and connection will be good no matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect mission planner. However powering down and back up the system fails.

Last update, the problem has vanished itself. I tried booting the radio without telemetry connected then connecting telem after and it went away. Thing is the problem stayed gone even after I tried to recreate it with telemetry connected on first boot. I still suspect that something was wrong on the flight controller side.