RFD 868 poor quality link ... and other problems

I have several RFD 868x and 868ux modems. In Mission Planner I get 30-50% quality link earlier with older adrucopter firmware and Mission Planner versions It was 100%. I was changing settings in RFD tools but that didn’t helped.Now I am using such set:

Is there anything I can change to repair in arducopter parameters ? First connection to copter takes sometimes 5-10 minutes…sometimes it is fast. Why from time to time I am loosing mouse arrow when I am connecting 868x modem to laptop with windows (tested on different computers also with the same results). Any ideas to help ? Hardware looks ok I changed also ftdi cables that didn’t helped.

This is probably not a parameter issue, your antenna and/or PCB is probably broken.
I had the same issues with a broken PCB.

turn off op resend and see if that helps. these are my setting for rfd900, just different freq. have great distance and speed with these settings. I have also had issues with my mouse (wireless) when using RFD radio and it was caused by interference from the radio. the mouse would bounce around and disappear and reappear on another section of the screen.

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turn off Op Resend in all radios - no guarantee that is the issue in this case, but it is usually counter-productive for our use.

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