Revo-mini-i2c firmware

Just found out, there is a revo-mini-i2c firmware since 4.1.0.

Any information, how to connect i2c to the revo-mini?

br KH

From the Hwdef file:

Found that here …

So far, so good, but still missing the BRD_ALT_CONFIG values for the revo-mini.

My aim is to connect a SSD1306 to I2C2 …

br KH

Works as expected. My fault, powered the revo-mini and OLED only with USB. Separate power supply for the OLED and it is OK.

The BRD_ALT_CONFIG values can be found in hwdef.dat!

Stupid me. I am getting old …

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Found another wiring diagram for the revo-mini by iforce2d.

Hoping, Chris doesn’t claim copyright :wink: