Revo, Gone wrong?

Hello, I was trying to make the Openpilot Revolution be able to talk with dronekit, as I couldn’t find an way to make it work, as it was always giving “No heartbeat in the last 5 seconds” or “waiting for heartbeat(forever)”, so I found this tutorial on how to use ardupilot firmware on the Revo (, but after trying to put the board under DFU mode with a wire, using Zadig to replace driver, installing BetaFlight and downloading firmware for the RevoMini from ( and putting the firmware into the board, and power cycling, now the board don’t appear in the Serial Port list in the Device Manager nor it connects with the Librepilot GCS, it just keeps an yellow stationary led that doesn’t blink, did I did something wrong in the process? I’m unable to solder the SBL pads.

Maybe try Zadig again, or the newer version, RC Driver Fixer. In the last few days I’ve encountered some problems with the drivers for the Pixhawk, in the device manager they appear under USB devices, and not as com device as it should be…

It’s not appearing under USB devices nor COM ports, and now I’m rarely able to set DFU mode
Have I broken the board?

Did you flash the firmware with the bootloader? There are two firmware options, when flashing from BetaFlight Configurator you should use the firmware file with the _bl at the end.

I’ve flashed the arducopter.hex file

As suggested, flash the firmware with a _bl at the end and I think this will solve your problem.

Omg it works!
Thanks you so much @Dylan144GT !
Cheers buddy!

All good! I am glad I can help. :blush: