Review, test and setup tutorial of RTK XL GPS from Drotek

This is a quick and short review, setup and tutorial of the RTK XL GPS from uBlox/Drotek.

Test & Setup is done on Ardupilot + Pixhawk, using mission planner as the ground control station.

Note that this product was not provided for review by Drotek and the review is unbiased.

The RTK XL product can be found here:

U-Center software from uBlox can be downloaded here:

Drotek’s product documentation can be found here:


The entire U-Center steps shouldn’t be needed (and for the most part I think your much more likely to encounter problems if you try and go through this approach), we fully configure the GPS on the aircraft automatically unless you disable that, and Mission Planner should be managing the base side for you automatically. Under initial setup there is a RTK GPS injection menu you could also use rather then using the ctrl-f approach.


I am new to the subject of RTK. Thanks Hugues for your clear film. I would however like to know why when using the system with a pixhawk v1 you must solder à bridge on the rover module. I can not find any doc which explains this. Can you help ? Also can you provide to me the wiring between the pixhawk and the xl module ?


You can find the detailed documentation about the RTK XL unit from Drotek on their web site here :

It will answer your question I think.

I purchased the RTK GNSS Kit (base + rover M8P). I tried all the settings. Accuracy still varies from 30 cm to 140 cm from the take-off point. What is wrong until I understand.:roll_eyes:

Were you able to get an integer fix (Fixed Fix compared to Floating Fix)?