Review a log - map

When we review a log, it is possible to see the map in the log browser.
I was not able to locate the documentation on the map.
There is a blue line and a red line of the flown track. What do the colours mean?

blue is GPS1,
green is GPS2
red is POS

Thanks a lot. Where to find such info?

as of the latest beta, its on the map

What is POS? What is involved in it’s calculation?


Continuing with this thread. I’ve run into a problem. The SuperSimpleMode stopped working while flying in the stabilize mode. I managed to crash land without any damage, but now want to check what went wrong. I can see on the map in MissionPlanner that POS and MAP graphs diverged when the problem started, before this they were overlapping. I reiterate the question about POS. What is the exact interpretation of this parameter and its relation to SuperSimpleMode, if any? Can you check in the logs if SuperSimpleMode was working as intended?

This is a thread describing my problem in a Polish forum, but there you can find the log and the screenshot of the graphs.óżnica-między-gps-a-pos-na-mapie-tryb-supersimplemode-w-logach/

there is no relationship. POS is the position as used internally by the EKF. if you are in stabilize you are in control. so it plays no part of the final solution. The only part that might play in is the EKF yaw, as supersimple mode uses the ekf yaw to determine the direction to go.

anything beyond this would be speculating.