Reversed pitch channel

Today I was flying firs time with my hexacopter. I dont understand one thing. Pitch channel was well calibrated (stick up for max signal, stick lowered for min signal) but when I was flying, backward and forward was reversed! I had to manualy reverse channel in my transmitter for normaly flight. Its normal in arducopter?

It is not at all unusual for any R/C model to have reversed channels when first set up. One of the first things pretty much any experienced RC pilot will do just before launching a new model is check for proper control directions. On an airplane or a traditional heli this can be done visually, On a multicopter it’s not quite that easy. I do it by spooling up to a point where the multi is light on its feet, just barely still staying on the ground or just barely clear of it (a smooth surface is very helpful here). From there, gently try each of the three directional controls. The multi will be bouncing around a bit because of turbulence close to the ground, and balance on a new machine may also be off, not to mention wind, so don’t mistake any of that for reversed controls. If any axis (pitch, roll, yaw) is reversed, simply cut the throttle. It’s pretty easy to tell. Now, there may be a temptation to quickly reverse the offending control(s) on the Tx and relaunch, but it’s always safer to disconnect the muti’s battery before doing that and then start over.

I see but im ask why full pitch signal is for fly backward and low signal is for fly forward? Its normal? I had naza, multiwii, wookong, mk and that was inversely.