Reverse Steering?

How does one reverse steering in FBW ground steering mode?

Can it be reversed independently from the rudder?

If your plane has 1 servo connected to both Rudder and steering wheel they both need to operate in the same direction. This would be required even if you had no autopilot - its a physical limitation required by the plane.
If you have 2 servos and lets say the rudder one is connected to channel 4 as per normal then you would connect the wheel servo to channel 5 for instance and set RC5_FUNCTION to 21 so it acts as a rudder. You can then set RC5_REV = -1 if you need to reverse it.
Note ground steering doco here. … r-a-plane/
Hope that helps.
Thanks, Grant.

RC5_REV!! I didn’t even know that existed! Thank you!

That’s just an example. I don’t know what channel you have your wheel servo plugged into. IF its a different channel then it will be RC#_FUNCTION and RC#_REV for that channel that you need to set.
Thanks, Grant.

I have ground steering working fine - Rudder on Channel 4 as usual and nose wheel on Channel 5 - I’m currently using a servo reverser to fix the issue, but with RC5_REV and can do away with that, which is great!