Reverse Servo - Manual Mode

Hi Guys,

Is there a method to reverse a servo for manual mode in arduplane without using the transmitter? Ideally I’d like all mixing to be done on the board (rpi + navio2).

There doesn’t appear to be a standard option. The reverse function for rc channels changes the response to different attitudes in auto modes so therefore doesn’t affect manual mode.


Some thoughts:
Manual mode is designed to fly mostly as the plane would fly without an autopilot. So I think it’s a bit against the design philosophy to reverse channels on the PixHawk rather than your transmitting radio controller.

Also, I think ArduPlane 3.8 (in beta right now) re-worked the way output channels are organized. If you’d consider upgrading to the 3.8, you might find the feature you’re seeking? (Could someone more familiar with 3.8 confirm or deny that it can reverse as requested?)

Those things being said, if you understand the existing design-philosophy but still want the capability, and 3.8 doesn’t deliver what you want… My opinion is that it wouldn’t be too hard to either implement this yourself, or request the feature be added.

Cheers for the reply - it confirms a lot of what I had understood from reading other posts but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

My question is part of a larger mission to try and have complex mixing done on the ardupilot rather than on the transmitter.

I’m starting to delve a little deeper into how to implement this myself but it takes a good bit more understanding than I currently have - good challenge though.

I’ll take a look at ArduPlane 3.8 - hopefully it delivers what I’m looking for. I’ll take a look and see what the changes are and post back here if it solves my issue.