Reverse power plug to SERVO Rail - is it dead?


I’ve connected reversed power plug to servo rail, so that +5 was connected to servo signal wire.
Now it looks like no servos are moving, does it mean that servo outputs are dead?
Pixhawk 2.4.8

Thank you!

If you can, please check the servo rail with a multimeter. Can 5v fry it? Possibly. Ive seen sensitive components meant for 3.3v burn up at 5v. With that being said, if your signal rail is still gettint proper power, youre probably ok. No power? Dead short.

5V is fed to the servo rail from an external BEC, so there is 5v there of course.

Servo outputs are connected to some Stm32 mcu, so the question basically is can this mcu die if 5v is connected to these outputs. I think it shouldn’t, but I’m not sure about how it’d made in Pixhawk.