"Reverse engineering" of a flight with MP logs?


I’m trying to find a way to have logs after a real flight or after a SITL simulation (Arduplane). These logs will give me a sort of “retro engineering” view of what happened in term of commands.

Let me explain:

  • I’m doing my flight with MP
  • After the flight, I’ve got logs that will give me the details of what the plane have done at each second about the pitch, the throttle , the roll and the yaw in degrees : “At 30 seconds, the pitch was at x°, the roll at x° and the yaw at x° and the throttle at x%”

=> The goal is to help me building a python script based on a “perfect” flight, because it’s really difficult to write an efficient and realistic script before the flight if this flight is very complex and with a high duration. And it’ll help me understand clearly the flight mecanisms of my plane !

I don’t know if it’s possible, your help and any tips are welcome !


Of course it is possible. Just load a dataflash log after the flight, using the mavexplorer code as inspiration on how to read and decide the .bin files.

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Thanks Amilcarlucas for your answer, I’ll try this