Reverse driving want work very well :-(

Dear all,
I am very new to the rovetr part of ardupilot, normally I use it for my copters.

So I hava a question:

I am using a FRSKY Taranis with crossfire (Team Blacksheep) wich works very well for all other this I use .

My original pixhawk is in my traxxas xmax and after some installtion issues it works as deisgned, exept reverse driving. I have to pull the throttel stick 5 or 6 times back (I use the right stick with middle position ) fpr dreiving reverse. The values in the calibration tab in MP are 1000 - 1500 - 2000. And as I wrote, it works, but I need tio pull stick several times. Any hints how I can fix this ?



Nobody any idea ???

It is just a guess, but do you have the ESC programmed for Forward/Brake/Reverse mode? If so, try changing it to Forward/Reverse.


I’ve also run into this problem recently with a new vehicle that was sent to me. I configured the ESCs using an ESC programmer as mentioned here on the wiki. I have this one.


thanks for the hints. Looks like my ESC (EZRUN 5 from Hobbywing) has 2 modes:


So I use the second mode.

Its not clear for me how the reverse will work. Sometimes when I pull the stick for reversedriving it starts direkt, sometimes I need to pull 4-5 times until it starts.

Thats the only problem for me so far :slight_smile:


The brake functions of R/C car ESCs can be a pain when they can not be turned off. Have started playing with using UAV ESCs reprogrammed with forward/reverse. Started by watching this video:

Also see BLHeli_32 ESC firmware has the ability for forward/reverse mode and no soldering of cables to program the ESC is a nice feature.

No active cooling on the ESCs, so get a large one. Am playing with the 60A ones in the video and doubt I will draw 10A in use.

Other thing I do not like about the R/C car ESCs is having to press the power button on the ESC to turn it on. Means need easy access to the ESC which is not always possible. More of a pain when using two or four of them (one per motor)

Thanks kelly for your explanations, sound interesting.

In the maintime I have an arrangement with my RC car, THe reverse works more or less as I exprected. And to have breaks is not to bad, My RC car weigts round about 30 pounds…