Reusing a mission in a different location?

Is there a way to reuse a mission in mission planner in a different location?

I created a mission as relative, but it doesn’t seem to be relative to home. So not sure what the relative is. Just a circle. I want to be able to use that circle when ever I am filming someone.

For instance if I do a wedding shoot I don’t really have time to reprogram an orbit around the couple for that specific location. I just want to run an orbit mission anywhere.

While I do think it’s possible to use a mission the way you desire (perhaps with a little scripting or file manipulation magic), why not use the circle flight mode?

I do it just takes time to set the point of interest.

Could you use guided mode to some effect that way?

I don’t quite understand why it’s easier to use a waypoint mission in your use case.

So click on the screen to move it? Would it stay turned so that the camera is always pointing to the middle?

That I cannot say, as I don’t have much experience with filming on a copter. If you have a POI defined, I think it’s entirely possible that guided mode will respect it. Maybe it’s worth a try experimentally unless someone with more experience chimes in here.

I think we need to understand your present workflow, though, before really being able to make a good recommendation for change.

This is then plan

Create a 15m circle with points of interest pointing to the middle. Save that mission in the drone. The mission at the moment is just a basic circle but I would like to make it more interesting. Maybe a corkscrew if I can move the mission. Then I can edit it so that it looks like the gimbal camera transmissions and flies.

Go to a random location. Place the drone down. Set home. Lift off. Move it 15m away from lift off. Move the talent/couple/target to the home position. Start mission. Drone points to couple and films them. I stay on the controller/radio to make sure the drone doesn’t kill anybody or hits a tree.

If it’s just move to position and circle, I think guided and circle modes are the ticket. However, if you want a more interesting profile, I’m not aware of native functionality to offset an entire set of waypoints. That could be done somewhat easily with Misson Planner’s Python scripting engine, assuming one is familiar with Python…

Interesting idea. So I should maybe then with a script just change the lat and long values of a mission. I don’t know when I will have time to program that. As they always say, there is time to do something the wrong way but never the right way

Yes. You’d use some geometry to offset the whole mission based on a common reference point.

To get the offset distance, the Haversine formula would work very well. I can’t remember offhand the names of the formulas/methods for accurately getting bearing and offsetting lat/long by bearing/range, but they are well documented.

Alternatively, a waypoint file is just tab delimited text, which is easily imported/exported by Excel (or other spreadsheet software), so you could use Excel to do the math and export to a tab delimited file.