Return-To-Launch when there is radio interference

I suspected I had a radio interference yesterday. I was doing figure-8 when suddenly I noticed that I lost stick control. I immediately flip the Emergency Motor Stop switch but the copter did not respond for quite some time. Is there a way to set parameters such that when there is a brownout, the copter will Return-To-Launch? Fence is on so I’m sure GPS is locked before I was able to arm the quad.

Receiver is crossfire running at 915MHz and the Radio Telemetry is also running at 915MHz as shown in the picture. Will the Receiver interfere with the Radio Telemetry? I guess not because they are running on frequency hopping but I’m not sure. I just repositioned the Radio Telemetry when this started happening.

Not sure what you mean by brownout but loss of RC is what the Throttle Failsafe is for. Failsafe set on the Rx to Cut?

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Yes I mean loss of RC. And thanks . I will look at what is my settings on this. I can’t remember I set this when I built the quad so everything will be on default values. Lucky when this happen, the copter is flying very low. When the Motor Emergency Stop has kick-in, the copter jsut dropped on the grass. No damage.