Return To Launch doesn't work properly

Hi all guys, i using the last version of Arducopter for APM2.6 and i have a annoying issue with the RTL flying mode. First i have to say that i don’t use any compass, in fact i have disabled it.
Secondly, i use MinimOSD to watch at the arrow that points to the home point.

I can get even 10 satellites but it seems that it doesn’t matter because when i activate the RTL switch the copter flies away, in fact the arrow is pointing in a different direction than the home position. Though i have checked with MissionPlanner the home position and it is correct, the copter still flies away most of the times.
It happens that it returns to launch correctly and that the arrow points to the correct direction but it happens not often. I can’t understand what is the problem.

I don’t have any log right now. Is it possible that it is a bug? I really can’t figure the problem. Thanks.

[quote=“LoKKeR”]First i have to say that i don’t use any compass, in fact i have disabled it.

I think that is your problem - … padvanced/

For that mode a compass is required. It uses this information to determine how to fly towards the home position. It is not enough to just point at it. The compass tell the Auto Pilot what orientation the copter is in and based on that it then can determine how to fly in the direction of home. In another words it determines how much pitch and roll to give the copter to move in the direction of home. This is not like an airplane where the heading is the direction it flies in.
Often times the copter will fly sideways or even backwards to return to launch.