Retuning advice requested

As I read more of the topics on this forum, I learn more about how to properly tune my rover and at the same time how I goofed with previous attempts. So if I want to start a retuning from the beginning as in Rover Throttle and Speed, must I first reset all the parameters to default values?



Hi RoboBill,

It’s not necessary to wipe all parameters but it might be helpful to return the throttle/speed tuning parameters back to their defaults. the defaults can be seen here.

For throttle/speed tuning, the most important thing to get right is the CRUISE_SPEED and CRUISE_THROTTLE. This is the equivalent of the feed-forward in the steering controller. It sets the baseline throttle output (using the desired speed) and then all the other gains work on top of this.


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That info is WONDERFUL. Now I can make a default parameter file that is specific to my rover including physical parameters including GPS system (MM in my case), COG distances etc. Then I can play around with tuning parameters and if I get all screwed up, I can simply start over again

Thanks again


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