Restarting/resetting a mission during SITL session


I’m wondering what’s the best way of restarting/resetting a mission during a SITL session. I don’t seem to be able to reset ArduPlane to the state it was in just prior to takeoff. I need to find the quickest way of doing this because I’m going to be doing it a great deal. I’ve tried setting the current waypoint to waypoint 0 but this doesn’t seem to work - and I’m not even sure this is what I ought to be doing.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.



I just had the same problem when trying to do severals SITL missions with different parameters. I couldn’t find any buttons in mission planner, which worked to reset the mission to the start position. Thus I always completely restarted mission planner, which seems to be a quite awkward way to do the job.

Obviously there was no answer to this topic, thus any advice would still be gratefully accepted.