Responsive pitch, slow roll


After a major crash with my F550 hexa, I have been tuning to get I flying again, but I keep noticing small problems.

Today my autotune results were very low. I tried to revert to stock PID’s but also my last known working PID’s. The pitch seem to be fine, but the roll is very lazy! I have tried to make a video, and also attached logs and images.

Could this be a motor problem? I have noticed, in the motor test, one of the motors on the middel arms are a tint slower than the rest. All motors are very close to each other at 5% throttle, but this one is just a bit slower. Also at 100%. I have tried ESC calibrations. If I put the one at 6%, it is faster than the other. Does this matter?

Also I noticed the hexa was not able to hold the altitude, even though the battery was fully charged. It was hovering up and down within a few centimeters.

Some of the motors sounds like they aren’t in sync. Can this be a flaw?

Link to logs and screenshots of PIDs. There is also a video, recording the lazy roll axis: