[RESOLVED] Unable to ARM without 3D Fix in stabilize

Hi everyone,

This issue might be my luck of understanding of ArduPilot or simply weird.

Since stabilize doesn’t require GPS for flying, when I try to ARM and than force ARM, ArduPilot refuses with PreArm need 3D fix.
If I disable the GPSs it complaints that it was denied by EKF2 MAV.

Most FPV mini quads go without GPS and have no issues. What am I doing wrong or don’t understand?


Good day, just perform a new calibration of the accelerometers, and check pls the status of the mags post calibration.
usually stabilize mode use only the accelerometers and gyros.
its weird that stabilize mode give you need 3d fix.
Do you have other notification on the hud?

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Hi David @Dave84
I shall do calibration, however I don’t see the connection? As I mentioned myself, why would ArduPilot require 3D fix for arming if the flight mode is stabilized?


Hello! Have you enabled features that require 3D fix? For example Fence?


Ohhhh, yes I did :pray::pray::pray:
Thank you, much appreciated