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[RESOLVED] Need help with quadcopter X8 coaxial tuning

I just took my quad to a second flight, yesterday was the first time after a big re-construction and there seems to be some issue with it’s stability.
It seems like it is twitching a lot and it give the sense like it about to flip.
Any input would be appreciated.

Quadcopter X8 coaxial
fc: Cube Black
firmware: 4.0.2 stable
gps: Here2 on can bus
frame: Trooper 850
motors 8x380kv (
esc: 8xKotleta20 uavcan (
props: 16x5.5
battery: 6S
rangefinder: Lightware SF11/C
radio/video Skydroid T12

This is the parameters file
log bin file
video file


Motors were not leveled, so it seems.

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