Resizing on 1024x768 screen

APM Planner: apm_planner_2.0.13_ubuntu_trusty64.deb
eeePC 901, 2gig ram
second monitor: 1024x768

I’m trying to run APM Planner 2.0 on a 1024x768 screen. It starts out fine, in width, but then shortly stretches out in width and I have to scroll the screen. Trying to resize it only lets me change the height, it seems like the width is locked to a minimum. The same happens on the eeePC monitor.

Is there a user parameter that can be changed, or a command line switch that I can use?

Attached is a picture of my ground station. I have dumped Windoze for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

It will need to be fixed in code to allow the screen size to be smaller than the currently allowed.

I have pushed a fix and a ‘daily build’ will appear here in an 1hr or two. see … 014-07-24/

NOTE: it will be build … trusty.deb ( I think your machines is 32bit)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks Bill. I’ll check it out later tonight or tomorrow morning and let you know how it works.

Yes, my eeePC is 32bit, I did load the 32bit version, just copied the wrong one in my original posting.

Note not all the views may work as expected or be ‘chopped’ at the bottom etc… please just feedback issues and I will see what i can do to rectify them.

So far, it looks great. I bounced around from screen to screen, and it didn’t extend past the 1024 width. I could change the height, and the width held perfectly. I didn’t notice any issues with the bottom getting messed up, but Maximize and restore worked fine.

Thanks again, you fixed my current issues, I’m happy :smiley: :smiley:

I’m planning on using the Eee PC, but was hoping the built in monitor would be enough. I’ll try out that .deb you posted Bill - thanks.

llamatrails, are you powering the Eee with a lipo? If so, how many cells? I was unable to find anything about the voltage range tolerance of the Eee, just that it needs 12V. I’m hoping it’s actually something like 10.5V-12.6V.

I have it powered by a car battery sending 12v to it. I’m using a 12v auto adapter to power the EeePC. The problem with the builtin monitor is not enough brightness in the sun, like most laptops

The original post has a picture of my ground station, and the bigger monitor needs about 7A@12v when I have the brightness all the way up outside in the bright sun. The monitor is a Panasonic monitor used in police cars, about 1200 nits.

Car battery, nice idea. Thanks for the info.