Reset HOME position in Flight

So we all know that home position is set during arming.
But is there a way to set/reset it while in flight?

Why would one need such a thing…well…
Lets say you are in an area with crappy GPS reception. (like between surrounding structures).
But just 200 feet in front of you and 50 feet up (still perfectly LOS), you get an amazing GPS lock.

Of course you want your whirly bird to return safely, if you have to RTL.
And the best place for this was 200feet in front of you.
So you can safely take control when it comes back and hovers there.

Plus another advantage is if you move around.
Say you’re on a boat and you may want to adjust your home point at the fly.
Yes “Follow me” might work, but that requires a GCS on hand with a GPS chip.
But a much quicker solution is to flip a switch on the TX, locking in the copters current position (not yours, but still your copter will be closer if it has to RTL).

That feature is coming in the next release of the firmware.

Some people have talked about launching from a boat and having it RTL to the water because the boat moved.



thanks for the heads up.