Reset Home location via a TX switch?

Wouldn’t it be a useful feature to set/reset the home location via a switch on the TX. (Like Land, RTL, …) Confirm with a beep signal and you can easily set the exact wanted home location. It is not always handy to have it on the first GPS lock position all the time, or need to d=check set it with a laptop.

The long-term solution to this is going to be rally points like plane has. Eventually, they’ll make it into copter. You will be able to input them via GCS.

That said, setting home with a Tx switch could be implemented much sooner and would indeed be a nice feature.

We’d need an arming check for “too far from home.” 20m, maybe?


A vote for this one for a sooner implementation. :slight_smile:

Not needed per se, but if implemented perhaps by an extra parameter, defaults to 20.


If I’m not mistaken, couldn’t landing, disarming, and rearming accomplish resetting the home location?