Reset home after a sim

I did a search for this but did not find the answer. I been doing some simulations in RealFlight auto and i now would like to reset to home location back to my testing grounds. I used the right click to set home back but when i run an auto mission it goes to the old home location 700 miles away and not my local test grounds. how do i fix it? clicking on the GPS location seems to be hard wired to a old location.

Turns out i need to reboot MP then load a saved waypoint at the new home location and then run Flightaxis.

in the MP SITL screen you can drag around the home point? is this what your referring too?

yes. when setting the home location to a new spot it jumps back to the loaded first airport in a auto mission. Even when resetting home location. lets say i get a waypoint from a 3rd party MP seems to lock to that home position then if i load a local waypoint i have a hard time to get MP to see the new point and the plane will fly between the two.