Request update wiki for fast_loop in Copter code


I noticed fast_loop() function in Copter.cpp does not exist after Copter 4.3, however the wiki page introducing Copter code is still about fast_loop(). Maybe the current control flow is different from the introduction in wiki?

By the way, the ArduCopter.cpp in the wiki page may should be Copter.cpp.

It could be much appreciated if these feature can be updated. They can be very helpful for developers.

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The fast loop still exists but you add items to it differently now so that their CPU contribution can be tracked

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Hi Andy.

Thanks for your reply.

But in the last version of Coter.cpp, there is no function called fast_loop. Could you please explain a little how the main loop, before it was fast_loop, is done now?

The functions run in the fast_loop are labelled with FAST_TASK

Now, it uses a scheduler to replace the fast_loop, I guess, right?

No, its just a convenience method for declaring fast loop tasks so that we can measure their contribution - they are run in sequence rather than scheduled. The set of tasks is really no different to the old fast loop except for some instrumentation.

Thanks for your reply.