Request review of Compound Heli Frame before being PR'd

Development Team,
As some of you may know I have been developing a compound heli that I’ve named the X3 after the eurocopter (now Airbus) manned helicopter. My initial code development was on Copter 3.3.3 closely following the @fhedberg repository. I’ve been flying my compound helicopter for almost 2 years now with a pixhawk. Initially I used the straight tradheli firmware and passed through the boost control on channel 7 and used mechanical mixing to mix the boost and yaw control. Recently, I finally put the code that I developed on AC 3.3.3 to use with independent servos driving each propeller. Here is a video of it flying.

So with the recent incorporation of the Dual Heli frame, I got inspired to pull the compound heli frame into Copter 3.5. With the new motors class/frame framework, it was fairly easy to incorporate the compound heli frame as a class within tradheli, especially being able to follow the PR that @tridge did for the dual heli. The biggest challenge of this vehicle is the requirement for a fifth control input for the boost. At this point, I’ve limited the use of this frame to mainly manual modes like stabilize, acro, and althold. All of the flight modes where the pilot controls speed rather than attitude, I’ve disabled until I’m able to come up with a suitable implementation for the controller. However I would like to have the development team, review my commits for the compound heli implementation and provide feedback before I look to PR for incorporation into master. I was hoping to get this into master and then continue making improvements to how the flight modes use the boost control

Here is the link to my branch with the compound heli commits

Thanks in advance,


The PR does provide better methods for code review than the forum.
Please create the PR, it is the more efficient method.