Request: Please design a version with less/no UHF noise

The current MinimOSD (1.1) emits a lot of UHF noise (around 433mhz) from the built in switching regulator. Much more than all the other 5V step down regulators I’ve got lying around.

When I disable the regulator on the board (by removing the diode near the video connectors) and power both sides from the APM side, then this noise is greatly reduced. However there still is some UHF noise being emitted. From what that is, I don’t know.

This is annoying for anyone wanting to use MinimOSD with UHF RC, especially on compact platforms where seperation is difficult to achieve.

Do you need to disable the diode to quiet it down? Isn’t it the same to just power it from the APM side?
I power from the APM and I cut the trace off the 12v pins so I can still use the video header to transfer power to the camera without it going into the OSD. However most people simply bypass the 12v pins


Here are some setup options: … ion-guide/

I recently added the MOSD to my setup and noticed no change in UHF range with TSLRS. However, I did lose about .5 hdop. I will check it out with m RFExplorer.