Request for people interested in drones to take a survey

Hello everyone! Not sure if this is OK to post here, but hopefully this will interest some people!

My name is Michael Hunter, and PhD student in Computer Science at Iowa State University. Along with some colleagues at ISU and Notre Dame, we have created a survey that we would really appreciate people who have experience with drones to fill out. The survey is part of a larger project looking at creating an automated traffic control system for drones, funded by the FAA and NASA. Thanks for your time!

Link to the survey:

Information about the survey:

The low-altitude Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTM) is under development by the FAA and NASA to manage drone flights in cities and other potentially congested areas. We are funded by NASA to build an AI system to automate decision making. Data will be collected from drones as they fly in these controlled spaces using blockchain technology that preserves privacy of the operator whilst building a drone reputation model. The AI system will query the reputation model and make a decision to authorize or deny an access request.

But AI systems, just like humans, need to be trained to make fair and correct decisions. Before starting to build this system, we want to ask your opinion about “What makes a fair decision?” What data should be considered. We hope you will help answer that question by completing this survey.

You will be shown a series of 5 access requests and asked to make a decision about whether the drone’s flight request should be approved or not. We expect the whole study to take about 20 minutes. Your feedback is vital to this project and we thank you for your participation.

Please let me know if you have questions or any trouble with the survey. Thanks!

What kind of data will be preserved in the blockchain?
How will blockchain keep user data private when flight paths and other flight data can be correlated with other information such as CCTV or recorded RemoteID data?
How will „AI” system be better than simple rules based on the same score system?

IMHO way too many buzzwords and the system sounds like Chinese Social Credit System but for drones.

Good questions! I think that a lot of those questions will have to be answered as we move forward, design our system, and get feedback from people. If it is OK, I’ll share your comments with the rest of the team, which cna hopefully help guide where we’re going with the project.

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