Request for logs for battery algorithm development

Hello, I’m looking for ardupilot dataflash logs (.BIN files), containing flights starting at full charge and ending near zero charge (the lower the better, send me your out-of-battery crashes!) labeled with the battery brand, model, rough age in cycles and any notes about health (e.g. abused/puffed)

I have some logs for Li-ion 3S battery from full charge to drop in the sky. Would that be useful or are you just looking for a particular battery chemistry?

Any chemistry but I want the exact battery cell model if possible (I will still accept and appreciate unknown logs)

So if it is made of Samsung 35E 18650 cells, I want to know that.

Or if it is purchased as a premade pack, let me know everything on the label, series cells, mAh capacity, C rating (e.g. Zippy Compact 2200mAh 3s 25C)

Also let me know what power module/current sensor you have, could be handy as well.