Request for change to HUD and Wind Speed

Would it be possible to have a check box for a timer as opposed to time in the HUD?
Also, for wind direction could there be something that looks more like a wind sock instead of a straight line. This would help to quickly determine direction of wind. When the vector is short it’s very hard to see the direction.
Thank you,

check box for a timer?

as in a count down timer?

No, as in total time connected with Mavlink.
It’s not critical but I fly FPV and total flight time is a backup to watching the battery %used. I connect Mavlink shortly after powering up the plane and fly within a minute or two of that. I usually fly about 20 minutes for 70% of the battery to be used.

The wind sock or actual direction is far more useful for figuring out heading versus track to stay on course.

have you seen the hud user item of “timeinair”?

No, I guess not. Will it replace the GPS time?