Reqested rate not matching actual rate?

I built a new quad. I set up the initial PID values by holding the quad and upping the rates until I got oscillation, the backing off. Once flying, it developed some oscillations, so I backed off the P and D about 15%. The quad seems to fly pretty well.

Anyhow, I finally dumped the dataflash and found the quad was actually lagging well below the requested rate in both pitch and roll. Both seem to track the requested rate, but at a lower value. If the autopilot wanted 5 D/S roll, It might only get 3.5 or 4 D/S. Strangely altitude is spot on.

The quad arms do have a bit of flex to them (large quad).

Is this normal behavior in this situation?

Should I try to tune it out.

I can try to include a screenshot if that would help.



Here is a picture of the log:

Your title is inaccurate, just saying as it might have scared people off from answering.

what you have graphed and describe are angles, not rates.

des and actual should be closer than you are getting. Normally this is improved though tuning. Have you played with I at all?

I had the rates up higher and it developed an oscillation. I had to drop P and D about 15%.

When the weather gets better I will try slowly bringing the rates back up.

Is this an issue from the slightly flexible frame?