(Req Help) every time it crashes few minutes into the flight

Hi every one
Every time after few minutes into the flight, quad fell downs without any reason so kindly help. I attached all the logs, I already destroyed two quads and one hexa and damage my gopro now i afraid to try again. i am using following hard ware simonk 30A esc on one occasion 1000kv motors second occasion dji 980kv motors both 2212 one time alien x 500 frame other time dji f450 frame don’t ask about hexa, apm 2.6 with external compass and gps with 3.2 firmware and the logs provides is 3.1.5 version. once i up graded to 3.2 i was unable to get any data through usb connection only gibberish but once i down graded terminal start working perfect again. The logs i provided video was recovered if required the last part i can provide, i will really appreciate who ever give his time to solve this mystery for me.


If your running APM on 3.2 then the terminal does not work anymore. Download logs from the HUD screen using the data flash log button. Download dataFlash log via Mavlink button.

I always copy the log straight off the Compact Flash because I don’t trust the buttons.

Also logging needs to be setup to Nearly All.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/arduco … OG_BITMASK


Thanks mike for your tip now i will again upgrade to 3.2 thanks again