Report on using COMPASS_LEARN=3 (In-Flight Learning)

I was able to use COMPASS_LEARN=3 for “In-Flight Learning” - here’s my report:

  1. The process started almost immediately after taking off in Alt-Hold - and the Here-3 LED lights flashed blue and red during the process.

  2. The MavLink messages reported by Yaapu telemetry were helpful and informative - reporting calibration progress 3 or 4 times as the learning process continued. Finally - after about 3 or 4 minutes - a MavLink message reported it had completed.

  3. The process set one parameter out of range: COMPASS_OFS_Z. The MavExplorer MagFit utility has always been reporting that this parameter should be about 500 on this copter - and the range only goes up to 400. Mission Planner issues a severe caution about exceeding this parameter - but will allow it. I’ve never set it beyond the published range. I’m curious to see if it makes any different tomorrow on a test mission flight or loiters.

  4. The only parameters that appeared to have been updated were the COMPASS_OFSxxxx parameters. There were no changes to COMPASS_DIAxxx, COMPASS_ODIxxx or COMPASS_MOTxxx.

I don’t know if these parameters were unchanged because their values (from MagFit) were already OK - or if the “In-Flight Learn” process does not include them. Until I can find out, I’ll still need to run MagFit to ensure all the compass calibration parameters are set properly.

Thank you.

It’s common for these to not change and if they do it’s typically not significant.

This is not directly related to the Compass calibration routine but a separate operation.

Ok - but it would be important to know if they are included in the in-flight learning process. Do you know if they are?

I’ve run the MOT calibration on Mission Planner - but MagFit includes it too - and much easier.