Replaying .bin logs?

I’m trying to replay a flight log downloaded from the SD card on my Pixhawk running APM. The files are .bin format. I’m able to look through the data in the graph, but when I go into the ‘Replay Logfile’ file selection, all the logs are greyed out like it won’t accept the format. What am I doing wrong?


A .bin file is a dataflash log and can’t be replayed using that option. If you want to analyze the content of that log file, go to the “Dataflash Logs” tab and choose “Review a Log”. It will allow you to plot the various data in that log file.

The “Replay Logfile” option is for .tlog files recorded over the telemetry link by Mission Planner during a mission.

Generally, the .bin file includes high rate sensor data and autopilot status, and is often used for debugging of system performance. The .tlog file includes things relevant to remote operation of your vehicle, and can be used to review what happened during a flight.