Replacement motor mount screws

Hey guys, after my screws rattling loose holding the motors in a few times, i have stripped one. Can anyone provide a link to the correct 10mm length screws where the heads will fit into the bottom of iris leg? Thank you.

You need metric M3x10mm screws with a hex head (example: … 000BOA7HQ/).
While other heads (e.g. Philips) would work, you can’t tighten them well enough.

M3 refers to the diameter (M for metric) and 10mm for the length (excluding the head).

Also buy a small tube of red loctite ( … 0028OJAIY/)

Apply a little bit of the loctite only to the tip of the screws, not the entire screw up to the top.
Loctite attacks plastic. You therefore want to make sure that the loctite is only on the screw part that goes into the motor. It’s enough when the screws appear to be “wet”. You don’t need a big blob.

You can buy both the metric screws as well as the loctite in a local hardware store (Got mine at Orchards).

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

I would recomened usimg blue loctite. Red loctite is for a permanent install. Removing the bolt could be quite difficult if you need to remove for some reason like a bent shaft, or replacement etc…

Thanks for the clarification Bill.

The reason I wrote red loctite and used red loctite myself is that 3DR used red loctite on the original screws that were to short. So I figured I should repeat what they did. Maybe not… :slight_smile:

concur on using blue, not red. You will regret using red…and also concur that you only need just a very small amount on the threads…do NOT try to get ALL of the threads covered…if you have two or three turns with a bit of blue showing, you have plenty.

The 3D Robotics factory only uses Blue Loctite.