Replacement for pixhawk 4

I have a problem before I used pixhawk 4 for projects that I develop, but I find that it is impossible to get it now, it is totally sold out

I’m thinking about looking for a replacement to be able to continue working, I saw that holybro launched the pixhawk 6c and it has stock, but I see that a port that I occupy seems to be missing, the port is the ADC &CAP, do you know if it is possible to have adc ports on pixhawk 6c , or in otther case case what other flight controller could serve, that is currently available.

thanks for you help.

The CubePilot ones has one extra ADC port, apart from those used for battery monitoring.

Thanks Bruno, I will try it although I think that with 1 I will need more, do you know any other model that has more adc ports?

Unfortunately no.

You could expand your ADC capabilities using LUA Scripts to work with an arduino as a port expander, like stated in this topic:

This one works very fine.