Replace sd card by emmc

Does anyone try to replace the sd card in pixhawk by emmc?

we had try to connect the CMD, CK, D0~D4 to emmc BGA pin, and also include VSS, VDDF, VDDI, but failed to startup.

Then we try a small pcb board convert emmc to sd, we connect the sd card to computer, copy file to sd, everything is ok, but when we connect CMD, CK, D0~D4 from pixhawk to sd, it failed again.

At last, we connect the pixhawk to tf card directly, it could startup, no problem.

So I suppose it maybe some wrong from emmc to SD, maybe something different in STM32 or the driver of APM, Does anyone have experience to do that?

I am sure that the Pixhawk ( STM32F427 )hardware supports MMC. The Pixhawk uses the PX4/Nuttx OS and drivers for SDIO so it is probably best to consult their documentation to see how to enable MMC.
It looks like there is a Nuttx/Px4 driver for it

So it is just a question of enabling it maybe?

I just suppose that the SD card and emmc is the same in driver, which both through the SDIO.
Is that mean some different between SD and emmc?

Since the format can be detected, it may be that, if the format is found to be MMC it is rejected

That is a guess. It is probably best to ask on the PX4 forum and/ or raise an issue on Github/ArduPilot

Hello jin,
How to solve it ?
What kind of card you use?