Repeating Autotune Fails

After I autotuned my quad it twitches when I start to move it in any direction. It’s only about half a second and then it flies very smoothly but it just seems odd.

I thought I would try to autotune it again but when I switch it in to autotune nothing happens. Mission Planner says that auto tune is activated but the quad just hangs there and does nothing. Is there something that stops tuning a second time?

I’ve attached two logs which I"m pretty sure are the correct logs. If anyone has time to have a look or can tell me either how to eliminate the twitch or to run auto tune again I would appreciate the help.

Dataflash log required…

I attached the files downloaded via the terminal. Is there an issue with them?

I tried attaching the .rlog files but the forum software apparently doesn’t allow that file type. I received the error “The extension rlog is not allowed.”

.tlog are telemetry logs. we need the dataflash log downloaded from the APM.

Attached, (hopefully).

I see the start and end events, but it never logs any ATUN or ATDE logs. This would appear to be because you’re continually providing input (see that ATT logs during the autotune: ‘ATT, -0.11, -0.10, -2.05, -1.84, 0.00, 81.42, 81.49’). Maybe you’ve added trim on the TX by mistake?

Thanks Rick, I’ll check for trim. If I have further issues I’ll let you know.