Repeat a stored mission many times on the same flight

For some kind of tests I set a simple square wp mission. It does nicely the mission but as I use it for diferent check purpouses I need sometimes not to land but to restart the mission from WP1 after hovering some minutes. For safety I never set a mission without a RTL at the end of the WP list so this way, once the copter arrives to the last WP, goes to launch point and holds there, I change the mode to loiter to have time for making the required anotations and changes and after that I set the navigation mode again to start from WP1 but the copter refuses to go there and tries to repeat the RTH point and hold it again, Sometimes it even tries to perform an autoland but the strange thing is that the waypoint plan has a RTH as final WP and not a Landing order. any idea? Is it neccesary to land, disarm, arm again and take off to repeat the mission?

The default mission option is to continue mission from where it left off. This can be changed by setting: MIS_RESTART: Mission Restart when entering Auto mode.


Thanks Mike. Does it mean in my particular case with the default setting and having a RTH as final waypoint order, once the copter achieves the rth point there is no other option than landing manually , disarm and arm , takeoff and order navigation again to repriduce the mission, right?

When using the MIS_RESTART parameter, please remember that if your vehicle fails to complete a mission and you then return to the AUTO Mode, your vehicle will try to restart the mission at the last waypoint it reached and not from the first waypoint.

What software are you running. Under APM if the last item is RTL then the computer must land or is will not have completed the mission and will restart by trying to land again. Under PX4 the computer just hovers at that point.

Changing the mission restart flag will cause it to start over where ever it is and do the complete mission again once you take it out of auto mode and put it back into auto.


@iseries @TCIII This must be the clue. I´m using Misión Planner. I did not thought that RTLreturning to launch order includes an auto landing. This way it has all sense that in case I don´t wait until landing has been performed, then the RTL order will never be marked as done and a stop and resume order, when the unit is hovering at RTL point, will always be followed by LANDING.