Renaming descriptions or fix a minor bug

Setting up dual aileron servos and changing RC_MIN and RC_MAX for each servo to achieve far more up than down resulted in a strange behavior.
It works, as expected, if you use any other output than RC1 (Aileron)

The MIN and MAX values appears to be input values from receiver. So setting, for example, MIN=1400, TRIM=1500 and MAX=1900 results in normal RC-sticker behavior in one direction and extreme action in the other. The ailerons are fully saturated at 1/5 for sticker movement in one direction only. It would be almost impossible to fly!

It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t get it working properly.

When I leave normal values on RC1 and use RC6 and RC7 for ailerons everything is working.
One with 1400,1500,1900 and the other with 1100,1500,1600 for MIN, TRIM and MAX.

I would prefer a software update but if not the descriptions for the first four inputs should tell how they work. For now one output (RC1) is not usable.