Remove waypoints from HUD as they are reached

Is there a way in mission planner to have waypoints that are reached by a uav be removed from the the HUD as they are reached so they don’t clutter the screen?

sorry, i should have been clearer. the missions i am running consist of numerous waypoints arranged closely together and often overlapping each other but at different altitudes. When the UAV is in the air and i am looking at the flight data screen with the heads up display (HUD) displaying this is what i see: below the screenshot of one of my simpler missions (most of my missions have many more waypoints and lines). due to the dangerous area we are flying in with lots of obstacles and flight paths which are on the edge of the uavs performance capabilities we need to have our laptop pilot track the uav very closely on mission planner when the uav is in the air. but as you can see the points and lines pile up on each other and obscure the upcoming direction and numbers.
what i would like is as the uav reaches a given waypoint the icon for the waypoint that was completed would disappear from the screen and the yellow line would also disappear. so as the mission went on it would be easier to see my waypoints and lines.