Remote-Id question (ArduRemoteId) Esp-32-S3-mini1

Hello everyone ! I have a question for you .
I am using remote-id via Esp32-S3-mini1 with ArduRemoteId firmware .
I would like to ask if what happens to me is normal :
When the Tx and Rx cables of the Esp32 are connected to the respective Rx and Tx of the drone , and the drone is turned on , I can see on the Android app of the RemoteId , the drone icon with the respective messages .
To do a test , I physically disconnected the Tx and Rx cables , and noticed that on the app I was still able to see the drone , without of course seeing the updated data since the esp no longer receives anything from the drone via serial .

Now my question is this , is it normal that the esp is still sending data via Bluethoot even though it is not receiving data from the drone ? Shouldn’t it automatically turn off the BLE ?
Thank you all for any explanations