Remote ID - Mission Planner

As I understand them, the new Remote ID rules require that the drone send standardized format RID packets to the ground via WiFi and/or Bluetooth 5. Either the drone OR the ground station must have an internet connection if it is available and (I’m guessing) sends the RID information to some central server.

I see the MP already has some of the RID features added, and looks for a locally-connected GPS. I believe that it sends that location information back to the flyer over Mavlink to combine it with the signal being sent over Wifi/Bluetooth.

Does MP also send that RID data to the internet if it is connected?

Also, please corrrect me if I’m wrong about any of this.

currently, there is no data sent to the internet

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Are there plans to add that function? It would seem to be a requirement.

Since I presently use 4G for all my telemetry/control/video, my flyers and my ground station are already
connected to the internet.

But since the ‘air side’ must transmit via WiFi or BT5, I don’t want to also deal with sending RID to the internet from my fliers… I would much rather send RID from my ground station (MP). Rather than parse Mavlink data in the ground station myself, and send that to a remote server, I think it would make sense for MP to do that for me - and everyone else…

afaik, there is no requirement for this yet… so im not sure where your getting your information from

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After re-reading the DOT/FAA RemoteID_Final_Rule, I see that the requirement WAS included in the earlier drafts, but was removed in the final document because it would be too ornerous and costly for the average user.

I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused.

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The FAA promulgated its Remote ID Rule in January 2021, and manufacturers must begin building compliant drones next month, but the Rule will not require operators to have Remote ID capable aircraft until September 16, 2023.

This appears to be the latest info.

The short question is: Can the Mission Planner Firmware and GCS provide this capability without users being required to buy a specialty module?($$$$$)

I think it would be possible for some add-on to Mission Planner or QGC to use a bluetooth radio to broadcast the required data - but the problem is the rules say the “drone” has to broadcast the info (not the GCS).
And likely, this wouldnt satisfy the tamper-resistant requirement.
That is if I’m understanding the rules ¯_(ツ)_/¯