Remote H16 connect Ethernet over WiFi

Hi All!
I have a problem with getting telemetry and control over classic WiFi.
My schematic is very simple.
On a drone: Ethernet camera and H16 receiver connected via Ethernet switch and plugged into WiFi bridge.
On the other side: WiFi bridge and PC with QGroundControl or ArduPilot application.
With this schematic I can see RTSP streaming video, ping all the devices (camera, H16, both bridges).

But how I can get the telemetry and control with H16? And is it possible at all?

When I make new TCP connection in QGC ( - no moves, no errors, no telemetry…
When I try to connect by TCP in ArduPilot I receive the error - remote computer refuse connection.

Please, can you help me in this question?

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May this manual can help you:

Thank you, Bruno, I saw this manual before.
I think perhaps such a connection scheme what I need is not provided at all.
Although it is very simple.

Here is my connection schematic:

I am not used to this kind of network configuration with Skydroid H16… These WiFi blue boxes represents the H16 RF link or it is another comm link? It would be better to see a more complete schematic, for instance, in this block diagram you sent, I can’t see a Flight Controller and its interactions with H16. Also not clear for me if this H16 depicted there is the air or ground unit. Maybe some pictures could also clarify if the proposed architecture is feasible or not.

Ok, I drew another picture.
I do not use H16 pult at all. It is only I talking about alternative radio link.
H16 receiver has an ethernet port, which has an IP address I can ping.
So is it possible to link H16 receiver over WiFi with QGC on PC?

Maybe now I got your point… so you are asking if using a H16 system you can access your data in a PC running QGC right? Yes, you can do it in two ways: You can use H16 ground unit hotspot and connect this PC to it or connect your PC and H16 to the same wireless network provided by a domestic wi-fi router. Just be aware that these two options depends on 5GHz Wi-fi, the 2,4GHz frequency is used in the drone link.

Yes, you understand it right. But, is it possible to do without H16 ground station?
I just want to link QGC on PC with H16 receiver by alternative way, such like domestic WiFi.
Because the receiver has a classic ethernet port with the IP address. But I cannot make it send telemetry over such a bunch. It is weard.

I really don’t know because it is a very unconventional approach, I would guess that almost anyone have ever tried it before…

In this proposed architecture, what would be the function of H16 Air Unit? Maybe you are thinking in some way to encapsulate MAVLink stream into a TCP/UDP protocol in order to receive it on a Local Area Network? I think that if this is the case there are some Serial/Ethernet converters that you can buy, they are usualy configurable so you can assign a network IP for the Mav stream…

I also see on to Serial/Ethernet converters side.
Ok, thank you Bruno for your time.
Have a nice day!

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From what I understand, it would be a much simpler and cheaper approach for your use case, H16 is quite expensive.

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Thank you for discussion!

In this case, I think you should try to use UDP instead of TCP. Perhaps, we need to change the IP of you PC to the same IP of the remote controller of H16 and connect via UDP port. I have a full system of H16 and I should have some time to check the IP for you later on.

Another way is to build the serial of TCP port by an external hardware such as RPi.

I have no idea why you came up with this system but it seems strange to me though.

An idea was in alternative radio link at another band. And, if there we can use Ethernet over IP why do not use it in one network? I ping all the devices, but can’t get connection QGC with H16.