Remote Flight Control Engineer WANTED

Hop Flyt is actively seeking a flight controls engineer to help us develop our eVTOL technology. This position requires familiarity with aerodynamics and programming in python and C++, although some training will be provided.


  • Actively engaging with engineers to optimize experimental flight systems
  • Programming with Ardupilot, C++/Python
  • Maintain and operate flight controllers
  • Perform tests, conduct measurements, and update control systems


  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must be a certificated remote pilot (Part 107 certificate)
  • Experience operating sub scale unmanned aircraft (eVTOL preferred)
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Understanding of robotics hardware
  • 2+ years remote piloting experience

Please contact me with your resume at to apply.

As I received a few inquiries from forum members and developers regarding Hop Flyt’s usage of ArduPilot I sent a message to Violet.

@VIOLET confirmed that they only plan to use ArduPilot in accordance with the Developer Code of Conduct. IE only in unmanned applications or where ArduPilot is not in control of human lives (such as INS ride along).

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