Remaining battery always shows 99%

i’m using apm version 3.3.2 copter with a attopilot 180 amp pm . I have gone though the optional hardware battery voltage and amp calibrations and they show up accurate on the screen but the bat remaining % always shows 99% even when battery may be down to say 70%. I’ve look though the perimeter list and couldn’t find any thing that I could tell that would be causing this to happen . I’m new to this and could use some help. any ideas .

Did you set corrrect battery capacity in parameter ?

yes I have entered the capacity correctly I’ve also tried changing it. same thing 99%

Same issue for me. I hate this 20 character limit crap.

I have this problem. Battery Always 99% regardless the actual charge.
Cant find the solution in this thread.
Anyone knows how ti fix It?
Many thanks

The battery percentage varies according to the current consumed, not the voltage level of the battery. Check that you have set the battery capacity correctly.