Relocate the battery

Hi, I would like to rebuild my multicopter to make it more compact. I was thinking to relocate the battery, instead of having one big battery (6000 mah) in the center, I would like to have 4 small batteries (1500 mah) located in the connection between motors and the center.
What do you think about this idea? Would be a problem in the weight distribution? Would be a battery problem?

Thanks a lot!!

No one can help me? I would appreciate your help


You do see multiple battery packs on larger copters to get the capacity, I guess no-one has really done this for compactness.

If all things being equal, weight of multi packs v weight of one, flying time should not be impacted.
You have 4 packs handling the load so if one cell fails it is going to be cheaper to replace one 1500 than the whole 6000.
EMF around the packs is the only other consideration I can think of.

Bottom line, should work.

Let us know how you go.
Pics would be nice too.

Don´t you think it would have a bad impact in the dynamic of the vehicle? I mean the loads won´t be in the center and the moment of inertia will be bigger. Will it have an impact in the way the dron turns?

Maybe your right, it won’t be as aerobatic.