Reloading parameters after fw update

Hello. I posted this on an other forum, but of course I should hve asked her first.

I am running an apm in a T960 hexa that was set up and flown with the 3.1.5 FW. I have saved the parameters from this setup. I have now updated to the latest fw (3.2 stable) and uploaded the previous saved parameters to the FC. I have also redone the compass and accelerometer calibrations.

Now I got to think that the settings (parameters) created with the 3.1.5 FW might not be the best suited for the 3.2 FW. My thought is that some of the “default” values might be different between the two? What are your thoughts; should just use it as it is, or set it up again from scratch with the 3.2 FW (after resetting everything)?

No thoughts at all on this?

I went from 3.1.5 to 3.2 without changing any of the parameter’s, I just re-did the compass calibration, accelerometer calibration and compassmot just to be on the safe side. Quad flew just as before the firmware upgrade.

Thanks for your input Mark. As some of the default pids have changed between the two versions I ended up resetting back to the 3.2 default. I then manually entered the model specific parameters.

It is my feeling that going from one major release to another (3.1.x to another 3.2.x) it might be beneficial to load the standard parameters and re-tune the copter. Within the same release (3.2.x - 3.2.y) the changes are fewer.

It would be nice to have some of the developers thoughts on this